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Gemini and Sagittarius Compatibility: Caring but Clingy Cancer and Aries Compatibility: Cancer and Virgo Compatibility: Leo and Gemini Compatibility: Not So Virginal After All! Virgo and Aries Compatibility: Libra and Sagittarius Compatibility: Scorpio and Aquarius Compatibility: Success at a Price? Capricorn and Aquarius Compatibility: Radiantly Reckless Taurus Moon Compatibility: Compassionate and Caring Leo Moon Compatibility: Passionate Pride Virgo Moon Compatibility: Precise and Perfect Libra Moon Compatibility: Languidly Loving Scorpio Moon Compatibility: Deep and Meaningful Sagittarius Moon Compatibility: Cautious Connection Aquarius Moon Compatibility: She was very mysterious as well, I couldn't really explain it, she just had this mystical way about her But here's the weird part, she had a boyfriend, and yet she was still seducing every guy in sight.

She'd be floating from one guy to the next showing off how irresistible she was and then she'd tell them she had a boyfriend, what's up with that? I could tell she was a girl who knew exactly how to get what she wanted but and it was like a game to her or something, she was trying to strip them of their love for her or something?

And we caps are pretty good at reading in between the lines too, but man I've never witnessed anything like that before But she didn't treat me like just another pawn as she did with the other guys, I could tell she really liked me. Anyway I was lovin it, she was such a mystery! She also happened to gauck at me in a very peculiar way.

LOL I don't think she realized what she was doing for she was a little tipsy but if she wasn't soo adorable I prolly woulda been a little creeped out lol but it was cute And man oh man, when I saw her out on the dance floor it was so hypnotic watching her move to the music, I can't explain it she just owned the music like no other.

I had never experienced such an amazing sensation, and just from dancing?!? I was in a trance!! But it only lasted a few seconds!!! But then she told me again and that I should probably leave.. I slowly felt the mood slipping away, but I wanted a better reason then that to leave for we were only just dancing.

So I made it easy on her and asked her if he'd try to fight me, she hesitated and said "yea" complete lie but I didn't care, I didn't know this girl and I didn't wanna cause any problems for her. So I did the respectable thing and made a be line for the door and left I didn't even get a number, and I can't remember if we even if we even exchanged names?? I think about her almost everyday now.. I've never fell for someone so fast like I did with her I even exclaimed to everyone that I was going to marry her..

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That's NOT common for a cap to say and. But man was I wrong for giving up so easily? Did she really care that much about her boyfriend or was she just being loyal?? Did she also feel the connection as strong as I did? Why did she tell me to leave? Was she just testing me to see if I'd try harder?

Is it possible that she also thinks of me too?? What should I have done differently? Did being gentleman backfire on me? I have never been in a relationship as intense as this emotionally and sexually and the chemistry is amazing. I know this relationship will last for a long time. I have been seeing a Scorpio man, at first I thought he was a good guy but things arent able to work out because I have 2 kid to a previous relationship, I decided to just see him every now and then for fun, but it still feels like a relationship because he lives like ten mins from my house..

Yes, my cappy man is definitely a real piece of work. WORK being the operative word. But hey, I wouldn't be a Scorpio woman if I wasn't up for the challenge. Only because to have the heart and connection with this wonderful man is worth it to me. In love maybe lust with a Capricorn man.

I am a Scorpio woman and I met a Capricorn man at work. I recall him pursuing me with suttle flirts and comments nothing tasteless. Our relationship picked up quickly despite the fact that we were both married to other people. I was working on a separation and he was married with benefits. I'd never had an affair before so I really didn't know how to gauge things but I did fall hard for him. I pushed back and ended the affair after a few months. It was an amicable breakup I know that I ended things because my feelings grew so fast for him, independent of the extramarrital stuff.

I really fell for him. I beleive that he fell for me too but there was no real way to know. So I did the only thing I could and end things. You know the saying if you love something set it free I wonder did he really care for me As a Scorpio woman I can admit that I think of him often and fondly. And I did and always will love him. I had a Capricorn boyfriend and I'm a scopio. He has never confessed to me but we are in deep love. He left me twice for his family but now he is trying to make up. He will never talk first but always wants me to start.

When I try to speak to him I get nervous and now its been 3 months we haven't talked. I can feel the love between us but what should I do to make a patch up? I can see that it will require a great deal of patience from me as he moves slow but I love how supportive and appreciative he is with me. He is truly an extraodinary person. This will be my ultimate test of my patience. I am a Scorpio woman and my best friend is a Capricorn man. I feel like I have known him forever. Our conversations just flow and my comfort with him is that of a childs favorite blankey.

He can't stand for me to be cold, sad or scared. He is the sweetest man I know. I am so sad that he is married and his wife is ill. He deserves to have love and pamper his wife. I pray to god that his wife will get better and they can reconnect as I know it is hard that he has to be her caregiver instead of her partner and best friend.

I am married to a Virgo but man if I was single I would seek out a Capricorn male as it is such a soulful connection on every single level. MY god Cappy's are sooo pampering. In this life I will stick by my unattentive Virgo. I am a true Scorpio woman!! I met a Capricorn man a little over a week ago. The funny thing is that I wasn't looking for him or anyone. After trying the online dating thing for a while horrible experience , I had deleted my profile and focused on work for a couple weeks.

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I was out with my girlfriends, minding my own business, when I was approached by him. I gave him my number and went out with him and his friends the next night! I know it was early, but we have great chemistry and we've slept together!!! The sex is great, but YES, I can see that he wants to take things slow! My patience is being tested to the limit!

I've already drunk texted him and I hope I haven't ruined it!! Im a Scorpio woman and I had a capicorn man fall in love with me but then I dumped him. Big mistake now he is so stubborn I wonder if he's still thinks of me. I told him I need time for myself. For that reason is why I broke it off.

Initially, we rarely even noticed each other. A few months later, we became good friends who turned into best friends within the next few months. We both were afraid of harming our relationship in result of rejection or getting hurt! The way I've developed my love for him and he has started unfolding himself is beautiful. It's a wonderful relationship. Mature, realistic and pure. I hope it lasts for as long as it can! Wow, I really didn't know this horoscope crap really worked but its all very very true. I'm a Capricorn man in a relationship with a Cancer woman but deeply in love with a Scorpio woman me and her barley meet and she already told me she loved me after a week and honestly I felt the same way.

I am a workaholic also and I guess I do put up a wall but I express my feelings the best that I can shes the best sex ive ever had and I really hope to marry this girl. I love you marie Scorpio female here! The first time we dated he wouldn't open up so I gave up and ended the relationship. We worked together so I still saw him everyday And everyday was torture!

I still had feelings for him and was completely mezmorized. I never knew if he felt the same way. We got back together after a really amazing day at the beach with some friends. The sex was amazing! Reguardless if we had been broken up I knew that day that I had fallen in love with him. I saw him everyday and we had the same friends so I was still able to continue to get to know him and at least try to be his friend no matter how hard and hurtful it was.

I swallowed my Scorpio pride. We broke up for the second time because yet again he had trouble opening up to me. My thinking at the time was that if someone really cared they would let you in completely And boy was I wro ng about my Capricorn! This was the worst break-up of all break-up's! I didn't speak to him for almost four months And we still worked together. I finally worked up the courage to talk to him one day at work and settle things, but he was even more reserved than before.

He was a stone wall and I was puzzled! We were on okay terms when we both moved back to our hometowns after college. We said hi on facebook every now and then but that was about it. About nine months went by after moving home when he mentioned to me that my favorite band Massive Attack was having a show in Miami where he lived.

To his surprise I already knew they were touring and told him that he should skip the Miami showing and come to the Orlando one with me instead And he said YES! He came to visit me and the sparks were still there. I fell in love with him all over again. That was the best weekend ever. We talked about everything that had happened between us, and for the first time he finally opened up to me. He told me the whole time that we were broken up that he thought about me everyday. He told me that he wanted to work on things and that he wanted to be with me.

Two weeks later I saw him for my birthday. We had another great weekend together. I finally worked up the courage to tell him that I was in love with him And he in returned told me he loved me just as much. We have been back together for a while now and it has been amazing. After three years of waiting I finally got the commitment that I have longed for. Although we have been long distance We finally got an apartment together and I am moving to Miami to be with him so we can start our life together. I have never been so happy. He is the most amazing person. I love how serious he is, and how he puts a realistic view to my idealistic way of thinking.

He is incredibly smart and ambitious. He is very romantic and an amazing lover. He is super possessive but I love that because it makes me feel secure and lets me know that he cares. I've waited so long for this but it was well worth the wait! By far the best relationship I have ever had. Capricorn men are a good catch!

I'm in love with my cap We have been married for 2 years and only dated for 6 months befor we got hitched We r now on our first kid and I couldn't imagine anyone better.. Yes I am very hard headed and so is he but together we make compromises and and couldn't see ourselves with anyone else. I met my Cappy at work. He tried everything to get my attention but as a true Scorpio woman that I am I made him work for my attention. Then finally after giving in to him We both just couldn't take the extra step.

I guess because we are both married and we just can't find ourselves cheating on our significant others, but yet it is as if I can't stay away from him and he can't stay way from me. I don't work at the same place I met him and its been three years since I've left, But again.. I guess we are just too attached to our own families to give each other a chance.

I've been with my Capricorn man for almost 11 years now. I scorpio have been patient and beyond for these 11 years. The walls have never truly come down, I can feel them every time we disagree on something, he hides and leaves me exposed to the elements. I am tired of his almost obsessive and controlling nature, and I am tired of not being able to show my emotions and having them used against me.

I am considering leaving, and quite frankly I don't want another anybody. He has made me insecure and an emotional wreck due to his lack of emotion. He was in a VERY bad relationship before us, and I have been patient and loving and kind and proved my devotion to him. But it seems that when it comes time to talk about anything, whatever I say, he uses against me. I end up feeling distant and alienated and stupid. Maybe he doesn't realize what he's doing, but I've told him before, and he doesn't seem to get it. We have kids together and he treats them the same way, while t reating his son from the other marriage like gold.

I don't have any more time nor patience to find out if he can be a nicer person, nor weather or not he is worth it. I feel like giving up, he does not make me feel like a good person and I am tired of living this way. Some Capricorn men are broken and are unable to be fixed. Don't waste your life on these ones. I am a Scorpio woman, 29 years old.

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I recently was reconnected with an Cappy make aquaintance from my past who is In the last few weeks we have mainly communicated via computer, texts and phone calls. We recently had lunch together. The connection was magnetic! Although I was a little gaurded. He indicated that he is focused on his career and has not met a woman recently who made him want to be in a relationship.

During lunch, he was a complete gentleman and touchy feely. At the end of lunch he said that he hopes that "we can do this again soon" and asked got me to contact him later. I did by thanking him for a good time. He replied be saying that he had a good time as well.

This was on Saturday. We really have not spoken much since. I am wondering if the minimal communication since is an indication of a lack of interest on his end and him saying that he wanted to see me again soon was just to be polite. Btw, he has already t old me that he traditionally moves slow because when he falls he falls hard. Also, how do I proceed? Should I be a little bit of the agressor or should I kind of get busy and let him pursue me? I couldn't be happier with anyone else It took the both of us only 6 months before we decided to marry each other.

Sometimes it feels like a fairy tale. Ive never felt better and I couldn't be more confident in our love. I met a Capricorn boy and i'm a Scorpio and I am quite shy around him I fell in love with him. But I don't know how to say I like him! Can you help me? I am a Scorpio women who is married to a capricorn. We lived together for 3 years before gettn married. When we met 7 years ago we both were married. He is a wonderful guy but of course he does not express his feelns often but somehow I know he loves me. He is a man of very lil words but when he does speak he makes sure he is heard.

I am a very accommadating scorp and I believe in makn a man feel like a man! I have gone as far as to have 3somes wit himso he would know he doesn't have to cheat. But it would be nice for him to just show a lil more emotions. He takes great care of home and our kids. Its just that wall I run into from time to time that drives me crazy. I am his ride or die chic. What more is a woman to do to get hia attention or do I have it and just don't know it? I have a capy that found me on facebook, we are in different countrys, l am a typical Scorpio woman we've been emailing for the last week, he is funny but their is definately control issues and walls with him, but there is something in the way he writes that makes me what to dive into him, this is my fist time with a cap, he has an amazing sense of humour he is divorced and single he has talked about kids and wanting them, so now l am being patient and letting him take the lead, l wonder if he will ring me instead of email - their is somethimg about him l cant explain and l havent meet him in person.

I didn't know he's capri until we hear from each other again recently. I have never been so open intimately with a man before. They say Scorpio women go well together with capricon men-well my capricon man just dumped me-sid he was not in love with me. I told him we were never labeled a couple any way.

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How can a Capricorn guy actually get a Scorpio girl?? I mean caps are these most of the time serious,intellect, shy, have barriers and etc. I am a Scorpio woman in love with my capicorn man, he's a great guy and very compassionate. Our sex life is amazing!!! He's romantic, loving and agressive in bed. I am true Scorpio freak, he fulfills my needs, but even though he is a wonderful man and cares for me so much.

He sort of a complex individual, we both been through numeral of challenges in our past life, but even so his gaurds is more of a challenge to undo so I am waiting patiently because I know its all worth it at the end. He does think that its his way, but he is getting better of negioating but it is going to be awhile to he get his barriers down but like I said its all going to pay off at the end and now he is getting more comfortable discussing about our future long term and family I could not be any happier with any other guy than I am with him!!!

Is there any one out there with some advice? I'm an intense Scorpio who does not believe in relationships anymore no one takes it as seriously as I do. He drives me absolutely insane because he's so ambiguous and guarded and its almost this silent, raging battle between us of who has the upper hand and who can seem more uninterested. He's also very charming, intelligent and funny, which makes up for the moments where I want to punch him in the face, for now. Im a Scoripo Women and have been dating a Capricorn male for about 4 months now and I know I am totally head over heels in love with him, and have been for a while.

I haven't told him as I want him to say it first. He said he wasn't sure because he has never told that to a girl before. He is 32 is that weird?? Also do you think ill have to wait a long time before he actually says those three little words?

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I've been reading this page with a fixed smile on my face. I've been seeing a Cap guy for almost 3 months, and it has been gloriously intense. We see each other every day, we're practically living together, we make love at least twice a day which always leaves me absolutely breathless and we are both so driven. The natural passion that I have as a Scorpio girl only burns brighter around this Cap, the sexual chemistry is insane.

But it can be very distracting. Because we are both so driven, we sometimes find it frustrating when we realize that we've been fooling around for hours when we should have been doing something productive. When I was single I hated to be somewhere in the nick of time, I had to be early in order to be efficient. But with this Cap I find I want to lay in bed with him until the very last minute.

He's just so magnetic. The fact that we are both so driven might unfortunately lead to a premature end to our romance. Our career paths seem to be leading in two different directions, and knowing the kind of passionate people that we are, and the people we attract, a long distant relationship would be too much. This Cap has hypnotized me to the extent that I'm even contemplating changing my career plans to be with him.

I really think it might be worth it. There's not another one like him. Such a gentleman, so giving, so understanding. He treats me like a princess. Yes, there are walls but that's a great challenge. It's more fun when you feel like you have to work for each other. And I want to work for him. I want his recognition. But of course I will never relinquish my Scorpio sense of independence, I of course want him to want my recognition in return. Which I get a good sense of.

I suppose I'm torn. Do I stay and play this romance out, see where it could go, and seek out a different path with him? Or do I cut it short after 3 amazing months, focus on myself, and keep on the path I was following before I met him? Im an 18 year old Scorpio girl and I met a 17 yr old Capricorn guy a little over a month ago. I can definately testify to the above comments about cappy guys having a wall up But then the texting became less frequent and he even went a whole week without talking to me I want this guy sooo bad but my patience is wearing thin I think the passion is there with him There's a lot of great things about him and I enjoy spending time with him He says he likes me but that wall he has up is making me crazy!

I am a Scorpio woman in deep love with a Capricorn man.

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  8. We met at a comic book convention in my home town. I knew when I looked into his eyes behind the Dragon mask he was wearing; that he was the one. I was too shy to say anything so I just stared at him from a across the room. I got an opportunity to finally talk to him after waiting in line for an hour for him to sign my t-shirt. He was that year's Yu-Gi-Oh card champion and everyone wanted to meet him.

    I was so nervous to talk to a guy so cool and magnetic. But after he signed my t-shirt,I broke the ice by making a joke. I can't remeber what I said but I know it made him laugh so hard that drool dropped from the bottom of his mask. I suddenly had the upper hand and wasn't so nervous anymore. We began to talk and I can't believed we had so much in common. We both were the middle child in our family and both collected Egyptian kites.

    After that conversation I knew that he was the one for me. We exchanged numbers an d began to talk everynight and became inseperable. We decided to make it offical and spent 7 glorious months together. I was given the opportunity to study indigenous rocks in South America. I had to leave my hometown which meant that I had to leave my capri. We both were devestated but promised to keep our love strong through a long distance relationship.

    We would write each other everyday. And suddenly the letters stopped!!!! After trying to reach him over and over. He had his youth counselor write me and tell me that he no longer wanted to be with me and that he had another girlfriend. I cried day and night and wondered why me. After 6 months I came back to America still deeply hurt but also deeply in love with him. We finally talked and he told me that he was in love with me but the long distance thing was too much and he had to move on. He was still in a relationship with a girl that couldn't hold a candle to me.

    We began to sneak around behind her back. Even though I was broken hearted I enjoyed the excitment of it all. But I became obsessed with him and I wanted him for myself. But he said that he did not want to break her heart and he loved her but was not in love with her. I wanted her out of the picture. The only solution was to get rid of her and that I did. I still feel like I did the world a favor. After being shocked and devestated by his lost he had no choice but to run to my arms. I comforted him and let him know that things happen for a reason. A post shared by TheCoupleGoals couplegoals on Oct 13, at 8: When Scorpio woman and Capricorn man find themselves in a love affair, they get the opportunity not only to enjoy a love affair and to gain value as a couple but also to mature as individuals.

    Both signs, at the beginning of the connection, can be very careful about sharing information and opening to each other, so that emotional caution can alleviate the initial enthusiasm in connection. Both partners tend to be a little more careful especially Capricorn and conceived Scorpio , and it takes time to feel comfortable in the relationship. Although at the beginning of the connection they can be quite shy, withdrawn, without the desire to emotionally give, in time, deep connection and dedication with great respect are developed.

    They can learn a lot from each other. Sometimes it's not easy to go through the lessons, but it's definitely worth the effort. From his stable partner Capricorn man, Scorpio woman can, above all, learn to keep her hot head and explosive emotions under control. The Capricorn must be careful because although the Scorpion woman does not look so at first glance, any criticism can experience too emotionally.

    Foolish comments can cause the opposite effect to Scorpio: They want depth, intense feeling and the greatest sincerity in all situations — and especially in love! Both signs represent the accumulators of wisdom in the zodiac, and when these two signs fall in love, they can expect an interesting relationship in which both partners can learn from each other. A post shared by TheCoupleGoals couplegoals on Oct 12, at 8: Capricorn, so busy with achieving goals and occupied with what others are seeing, sometimes misses the right opportunity to show his emotions.

    From Scorpio woman, Capricorn man will learn to look beneath the surface to get to know his partner and then discover the real fortune.

    Capricorn man and Scorpio woman

    Both signs share the love of performing tasks. If they decide that their connection is the next goal to be achieved, nothing can stop them from doing so. This combination will be very happy, and its basic characteristic is that these signs are sexually compatible. While the Scorpio woman is imaginative, the Capricorn man will prove to be extremely durable, and they will, together, make a perfect couple in bed.

    Even when problems arise, sexual attraction will make these partners to always be happy to return to bed at the dose of the necessary and then proceed further. Possible problems could arise due to a pronounced stubbornness of both of them, but the Capricorn man will probably loosen a little earlier, and in that way, he will avoid disaster.

    This relationship will be passionate, and marriage will most likely be a real success! Scorpio woman should try to keep things pretty simple when it comes to a very sexy and very intelligent Capricorn man. He is simply fascinated by Scorpio, so there is a great potential for true and lasting love. Capricorn finally finds someone who fully fits his endurance as in and out of the bedroom.

    They soon discover that they share a lot of common things and that their taste related to sex is very, very similar. Sex between them can be a real explosion and at the same time a reason to keep the relationship alive, even when everything goes smoothly.

    Hidden intentions simply do not exist in the land of the Capricorn man, and this is what Scorpio woman should be aware of. She would have to curb her jealousy and everything she was following or could easily lose her best possible partner in love forever. All in all, the scenario for these two is very promising, and sexual attraction among them will last forever.

    With Scorpio woman and Capricorn man, the initial game of seduction very quickly turns into a very ambitious and powerful love story. They are both people who are characterized by power and who simply enjoy it to manifest it. Scorpio woman feared that her deepest intimate secrets would be revealed. The Capricorn man does not care too much about them, so she will feel better and more securely when mystique is concerned. Together, they are an enigma to others, using their resources in a truly quality way. They are a sexually perfect couple.

    The Scorpio woman at the start shows her strength and firmness, but Capricorn man is very easy to keep up with her because he is always eager to win and dedicated the way to the top. Both Scorpio woman and Capricorn man have a strong need for achieving a strong and lasting emotional security, as well as a stronger desire for the founding of a harmonious family because both horoscope signs can value family and marriage. A post shared by TheCoupleGoals couplegoals on Nov 27, at 5: Capricorn man is usually cautious and sometimes uncertain, but he will change when he gets a little better acquaintance from the Scorpio woman.

    Although they both have dominant planets and that can cause a problem in their marriage, they will be pleased when they are with each other. Reliability is one of the keywords for Capricorn man, he does not like to leave his comfort zone and needs stability and security. Scorpio woman will appreciate Capricorn's man sensible and practical nature and his emotional and sexual attitudes.