Oasis dating site not working

However there are some android devices with modified browsers that may still not work. Some smaller screen tablets may identify themselves to us as android phones, and so may use our mobile site instead.

Oasis.com website not working? Is it down right now?

NOKIA Latest models should work with our mobile site, if you visit the site on your browser, but are not officially tested. You may not be able to login to messenger. If you cannot see this link you can enter this url to switch to the pc layout of the site. Log In with Facebook. I am a man interested in women I am a woman interested in men I am a man interested in men I am a woman interested in women.

Make up a username less than 20 characters in length. Deb replied on Feb 14, Allen Ward asked on Jan 14, You cannot, stop wasting your time dating sites are NOT real ,only there to get you money and give you nothing in return! Paul replied on Jan 18, Agatha G replied on Jan 22, Write a review Ask a question.

I'm trying to join but it doesn't matter what username I use I cant log on Samthedog asked on Jan 10, What does it mean when a person has this member doesn't want to be contacted. Yet it has a green light on Dicko asked on Nov 05, Had a few in my contacts list. How do I know if I have been blocked on this site? Thanks Not sure asked on Oct 04, How to totally deactivate an account?

Oasis free dating website

I don't want to leave it is deactivated I want it removed entirely Colleen Anne asked on Sep 24, I have given many temporary password but still unable to login. How do I disable an old account? So I can rejoin again. I have been chatting to a guy from interstate for 3 months and I can only read back over the last 2 weeks of our chat The man i have been chatting to for days as added my friend now he is showing of line to me but a green light on my friends contacts how is that done?

If you deactivate your account, does your chat history stay visible to your contacts? I know it is cleared on my end when reactivated but is it still visible on their end? Not sure David replied on Mar 16, The person you were chatting with still has the history of your chat Colleen Anne replied on Sep 24, Hi there, im experiencing some trouble with my messages, i get notifications that i received messages and theres a green number next to the messages icon but when i click on it it says i have nok contacts yet but im certain i have many contacts..

If you have unfriended someone can you refriend them? Hopefully they will re like you again Colleen Anne replied on Aug 28, If I report someone will they know I reported them? Can I block a person on oasis if the have me on I. Why can they receive my messages.

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You get what you pay for or not! Crappy website ruined my life. Narcissists, liars, pedophiles, sociopaths, psychopaths etc. Had terrible experiences on here which have traumatized me. Lots of mentally unstable people. People who play mind games or use you and a tone of kinky men.

Oasis Dating and Singles Review

Want to find love? Do NOT use this website at all. I swear to god not one person i have met on this website is trustworthy. Pof is a better option.

Semi decent for a free dating site. Unlike other dating sites, you can actually filter the criteria like age and location. Just be mindful that you may run into the scammers and those wanting a bit of fluff on the side of their marriage or already existing relationship. Trust nobody and don't be so willing to give out personal details so quickly. Tired of swiping left or right? Get off your device and go meet people in real life.

Didn't answer feedback when i wrote to them.

I have been on and off few years Too easy to sign on.. Banning for rude and inappropriate behavior needs to be addressed Fake and superficial website loaded with scammers and fake profiles that are created by the people running this rubbish website. Stay away from this rubbish!! The app opens other apps while online.

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Once opening the app for oasis it will continue flipping to the adverts apps!!! It's very very frustrating!! It happens after 10 seconds and then every 2 seconds!!! This problem needs to be fixed!!!!! Oasis is good service, but is all up to US!